A Day at the Lake + Healthy Homemade Granola + Life Happenings

Warning: This post contains many many things.

I’m sure all of you have been experiencing the extra hot summer we are having this year. Oh man is it ever hot.

It has come to that time of year when us non-air-conditioned-folks shut the house up before the sun rises and open it up when the sun sets. Every possible moment, my sister and I (and any other family member that doesn’t happen to be working) spend hours swimming in one of the nearby lakes or rivers to escape the heat.

The following photos are from a day at the river:

river1 river2 river3
river5 river6

We have especially enjoyed hiking to a little secluded cove to swim, as there is usually nobody there, meaning we can be as obnoxious as we want. (Insert fist pump here)

This major heatwave results in baked goods being pretty much non-existent around the household. The one thing that we keep baking is granola, and if it isn’t out of the oven by 8:30 a.m, then no breakfast for you! (Unless you eat other things for breakfast besides granola, that is cool too.)

I decided the other day to make a video of me making said granola, so here it is if you are interested in watching/learning how to make my Mom’s delicious and healthy granola. Maybe I’ll make more videos in the future…who knows!

I recently got a new cell phone, which happens to have a pretty sweet camera, so I have been pretty active on instagram lately. If you are interested in a daily food/life diary of me, here’s a sample:

Exploring home. #beautifulbritishcolumbia #harrisonhotsprings #hiking #greatoutdoors

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These days my life is filled with working at the cafe, spending time in nature, doing freelance graphic design, house hunting for school next year, finding creative ways to eat the abundance of fresh veggies packing both of my family’s fridges and painting my room.

Life is very busy, but life is also very good. I’m hoping it will cool down so I won’t constantly feel beads of sweat forming all over my body. Ah well though, I guess that is what summer is for.

See you (hopefully) soon.




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