Sunday Snapshots ~ Homemade Perogies

IMG_2946 IMG_2963

IMG_2979 IMG_3024

IMG_3039 IMG_3044

IMG_3047 IMG_3053


IMG_3057 IMG_3056

IMG_3076 IMG_3075

Once a year, my Dad makes his homemade perogies. This is a very exciting day in our household, which includes lots of jumping up and down, excited yelps, clouds of flour and some interpretive dance on my part (cause why not?).

These perogies take all day to make, and all hands on deck! Whether it’s doing a mountain of dishes, filling and pinching closed the perogies, or taking the mound of potato peels out to the compost.

I am not giving you the recipe for these today as they are a family recipe, very hard to explain how to make, and I didn’t really make them (I mostly just took photos haha). Maybe one day, but until then, I’ve got all these lovely photos for you to meander through! YAY!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

See you soon πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots ~ Homemade Perogies

  1. lovely photos…makes me want to come for supper too. Our skating club a couple of years back made 2000 (or maybe it was 5000) perogies to sell, it took us days to make them. Although we used a kitchen aid to mix the dough .,..I too can say I make perogies by hand. My friend Julie and I made blueberry, rasberry and mushroom kinds too. A cousin of my dad’s (Micheal Lamb) has a perogy business so it runs in your mom’s family too. Enjoy your christmas break
    Aunty Clare

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