A Not So Wintery Hike

The rest of the world seems to be under the impression Canada is all snow, all cold, all the time. Well for certain parts of my country this is true, but compared to the insane blizzards and biting cold temperatures going on in the U.S, I might as well be living in the tropics!

To put things into perspective, the boyfriend and I went for a nice hike the other day and it was a mild, sunny 13 degrees Celcius! The only snow that could be found was at the very top of our climb, which was fine by me! I’m personally ready to see some flowers blooming!

We hiked up to the top of the radio tower, better known as ‘The Green Grind’ to locals. Beginning out quite steep, the hike works those calf muscles hard at first, and then the incline suddenly becomes very gradual as you come closer to the top. It’s a very nice and quick little hike.

I know I live in a small town, but you don’t really realize just how small in comparison to the surrounding area it is until looking at it from above. Down below the town seems so incredibly serene from your quiet perch at the edge of a cliff, where all you can hear is the softly blowing wind and the squeaks of tree branches rubbing together. Like all small towns though, mine has its, uh, quirks…yeah thats a good word for it. Despite the quirks, I can’t deny that I live in quite a beautiful part of the world.




     IMG_1258 IMG_1258 copy IMG_1235

A very happy Sunday to you.




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