new beginnings and long exposure

Hello world, how’ve you been? I know, I’m back again…sorry bout that. Blog numero 3 here we go! After starting then becoming uninspired by my past two food blogs, I’m attempting to head in a new direction, (attempting being the key word here). I’d like to call this new project ‘the little things in life’. This blog will honestly be a collection of whatever the hell enters my brain on that particular day, whatevers making me smile, making me cry tears of happiness and making me wanna punch a hole in the wall. I think it’ll be quite the adventure if I may say so myself, turning into somewhat of a real life scrapbook. Without all the puffy stickers and decorative ribbon. So off I go I guess! Firstly, I’m gonna take a moment to appreciate long exposure. AKA making a mediocre photographer like myself able to take a half decent photo! *yessss All the following were taken on the drive home from van city a few months back. With a little help from photoshop, I think they turned out pretty neato

Image Image Image Image Image

Put a bird on it. Cause why not. Good times ahead I hope. Here we go. emu



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