Table Talk: Clothe the Table!

Halloween is now over…you know what that means? Absolute madness for the next two months! So, in celebration of all the celebratory madness that is just about to begin, I’m starting a new series! It’s called, ‘Table Talk’. Everything from music to play during your dinner, to the centrepiece in the middle of the table is going to be covered. We’re talking holiday logistics. Table logistics to be exact. As long as it has something to do with a table, it’s going to be featured! So without further ado, time to give that table a new coat of paint! Or a tablecloth, that works too…

I think that tablecloths are ever so important when serving a nice meal. When I walk into the dining room and there is a tablecloth on the table, I know that something real special is coming out of that oven. Time to put on a dress or something!

There are plenty of options when it comes to tablecloths.

If you have a rectangular wooden table with a nice finish or just a nice look to it, a table runner is a good idea for you! This way, you can still enjoy it, but just snazzy it up a bit! It’s also incredibly easy to make your own out of your favourite fabric.

I love this DIY Geometric Table Runner via A Beautiful MessImage

For a sophisticated look, this lace table runner is another favourite of mine. via Style Me Pretty


If you don’t exactly want to show off the dents and nicks in your table, a tablecloth will be your best friend!

I’m liking the idea of this DIY Fall Leaf Tablecloth, and you can make it using items from your back yard! Minus the paint…and fabric…


Layering tablecloths is a great idea, but I think the nicest look is when a simple white cloth is placed on as a base, and then a table runner is placed on top of that. It’s simple and sophisticated. I think the tablecloth is not the focal point of your table, it’s there to complement everything else placed on top of it. If it was meant to be our main focus, then we would place it on top of our food! Wait a second…

Pretty Pretty! via imgfave


If you wanna look at some tablecloth eye candy, I recommend Anthropologie. Drool…we’re talking about very nice linens here.

If you happen to be more of a round table kind of girl/guy, King Arthur style, I’d try to avoid the linens that drape all the way to the floor…I find it kind of annoying when you can’t fit your legs underneath the table. Unless you get cold legs while eating, then it can act as a blanket! Good stuff. So, if you get cold legs, the layered look is quite nice!


This tablecloth is nice and cheery, and the perfect length! Show off them nice legs. via Anthropologie


If you are into DIY, then this list of DIY tablecloths will be great for you! I like the polka dot one 🙂

Remember though, wine IS going to get spilled on your nice tablecloth. Don’t question it. So, if great granny’s hand woven lace linens wouldn’t fancy getting a nice tomato sauce spot on them, I suggest you stock up on stain remover!

See you next week with more table talk!



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