A Post-Thanksgiving Food Coma


Currently in a post-thanksgiving food coma. Not to worry, it’s the good kind of coma! (If that’s even possible…) It’s the, “I’m high on Tryptophan from that delicious chicken”, kind of coma.

I actually didn’t have to help with any of the Thanksgiving dinner preparations this year, since I was working. Yay for the tourist industry! It was one of those arrive and sit down to eat situations. Upon walking in, Dad was carving the chicken, Mom was putting away clean dishes and the table was set. I was impressed!

I have to say, that it was a very successful weekend. The only ways I really contributed were whipping cream for the pumpkin pie, doing dishes and eating! Eating being the most important of course. Relaxing was it, says Yoda.

I am very thankful to my family and friends for such a great time!

Anywho, I’ll leave you with a few non-food related photos I took this weekend. Okay I lied, I may have slipped one in there. Hooray for the sun shining it’s beautiful face! I’m going to go lie face down on my bed now.

IMG_0541 IMG_0574











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