New York Wandering

Last week I traveled to New York City with thirteen other kids from my high school band, and it was amazing. We saw everything a tourist would see in that lovely city. Walking through Central Park was divine, looking at the city from the top of the Empire State Building was exquisite and listening to the London Philharmonic at Lincoln center was breathtaking. Although this trip was fantastic, not everything can be. It was a school trip, so therefore you are with your good friends and not so good friends. When going on a trip, I am one of those people who wants to do as many things as humanly possible. I want to see, do and experience it all. So naturally during this New York adventure, this was the case. The issue was, that some of my acquaintances did not feel this way. Some decided they would rather sleep the entire trip…which I just do not understand!!

Although New York was breathtakingly beautiful and the architecture was devilishly handsome, there’s just something I love about Canada. Not that I’m biased or anything…

Due to twelve hour days of walking and subway rides, I could sadly not bring my baby…my DSLR camera that is. So here are a few not as top notch as I would like photos from my wanderings through lovely New York City.

IMG_8958      Central Park

IMG_9054     IMG_9023

IMG_9100     IMG_8591

IMG_9117       IMG_9118



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